Business Consulting Services

Our Pricing Plan

Personal Credit Restoration Starting at

Build & Restore

  • Monthly Review of Client Credit Status
  • 24hr Access To Client Tracking Portal
  • Debt Elimination Software
  • Complimentary Credit Education & Restoration
  • Credit Score Builder
  • Text & Email Credit Monitoring Alerts
  • Customize Dispute Letters Sent on Your Behalf
  • Credit Card, Savings, and Mortgage Calculators
  • Credit Building Resources
  • Credit Score Simulator
  • Debt Payoff Charts
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • $1 Million Fraud Insurance
  • Money Management Resources

We ensure that each business client has completed the following:

411 Credibility Listing, EIN and Entity Set Up Assistance, Business Name Credibility Check, Bank & Merchant Account Setup Assistance, Business Address Credibility Check, Website & Email Credibility Check, Business Phone Credibility Check ($35000 one time payment or installment payments available)

Business Leverage Installments Available

Business Leverage Program

$3500Installment Payments Available
  • Step By Step Actions & Strategies Required To Build Your Business Credit
  • A Thorough Credibility Check
    This Includes A Review On Your Business That Will Give You Insight On Having Leverage That You May Not Have Been Aware Of
  • We Walk You Through Obtaining Starter Vendor Accounts, Tier 2, & 3
  • Business Credit Correction( If You Have Any Errors OR Negative Information Reporting On Your Business Credit
  • You Are Provided A Customized Worksheet Tailored To Your Industry To Keep You Organized & On Track

Business Credit Coaching 101

  • Our Coaching Includes: A Checklist Based On Your Business Industry
  • Everything You Need To Build Your Business Credit Profile Out For Success
  • A Weekly 45 Minute Success Call To Discuss The Steps Needed To Complete Your Checklist

Business Funding Consultation

  • This Call Will Include:
  • 20 Minute Consultation
  • A Vendor List
  • This Fee Will Go Towards Any Service That You Sign Up For

We assist clients looking for commercial lending to expand their businesses. We are able to streamline the process and get funding to those who qualify for SBA loans, Business Lines of Credit, Equipment Financing, Working Capital and Factoring up to 2 Million.

This program takes clients through the process where they will gain funding through High-Limit Cash Credit Cards, High-Limit Store Credit Cards, High-Limit Fleet Credit Card, and High-Limit Starter Credit Cards (Between $5,000 and $50,000). Clients will pay a success fee based on the funding amount  they receive. (Learn More)

Disputing any incorrect, outdated, or erroneous information on the credit report.

We provide clients with credit building options through secured credit cards, store cards, and secured installment loans. (Most are soft pull on credit will not affect the credit score)

View your TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian credit reports every month.

The mobile or email alerts have action buttons to quickly ask questions and resolve problems

Track all your scores with simple charts or in-depth information.

See exactly what is helping or hurting your score. Get a 120-Day Plan to better your score.

Master your credit score, use before you apply for credit , make payments or spend money.

All of your online banking in one place. Use action buttons to ask questions and resolve issues.

Get access to $ 1 Million identity fraud insurance for your whole family. (Activation Required)

Every client receives a credit audit. We will go through the entire credit report of all 3 bureaus TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian and discover anything that is contributing to the client’s current credit situation. We create a plan of action and proceed with the clients membership.

Each client will have access to their own secure portal. You will have the ability to view current credit scores, send messages to credit specialist, upload correspondence, and visit your credit center to become more efficient during your credit journey. This is available 24/7.

Any of our clients can offer business credit and financing through our company as an affiliate to receive a payout.

Any of our clients can offer credit repair and credit building through our company as an affiliate to receive a payout.